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Owner and operator of Home Brew Audio. Ken is a musician, voice-actor and by necessity, and audio engineer;).

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Review of Album The Gifts Of Midwinter

The Gifts of Midwinter Christm album - unique christmas songs

We just received a review of Ken and Lisa Theriot’s Christmas Album, “The Gift of Midwinter.” It is a wonderful summary of this unique album of Christmas songs, and is to be published in the newsletter of a group in The SCA (world-wide medieval re-creation group). Below is that review. Many thanks to Lee Anderson […]

Band of Brothers – A Song For St. Crispin’s Day

Battle of Agincourt

Today, October 25th, is St. Crispin’s Day. This might not mean much in 2014 if it had not been for Mr. Shakespeare and his play, Henry V. King Henry makes a rousing speech before the Battle of Agincourt whose words entered the English-speaking popular culture and stayed. We still hear references to it today. Whenever […]

Music Video For “The Dragon” – By Ken Theriot


We just finished creating a music video for the song, “The Dragon,” from Ken’s album, Outlaws and Bystanders. It seemed like a sign that shortly after the album’s release, a movie about (with a twist) the historical Dracula – Dracula Untold – would also come out. So we thought it only made sense to create […]

Save the Trees!

Running an SCA Lists on One Sheet of Paper In the early days of the West Kingdom, Duke Paul of Bellatrix brought the completely lovely and rational tournament format he had used in martial arts tournaments to the SCA, and it was embraced for the good idea it is.  When I moved to Caid, I […]

Ken and Lisa Theriot Concert Rocks Pennsic

Ken Theriot in concert

On Tuesday night (August 5th, 20124), Ken and Lisa Theriot took the stage at the Pennsic (SCA event) Performing Arts pavilion to a packed house. Joining them in the concert as always were Michele Buzbee, Kevin Valiquette and Robert G. Ferrell. Ken Theriot released his new album, Outlaws and Bystanders, in March of 2014 at […]

Soldier of God – Song From Ken Theriot’s Album – Outlaws And Bystanders

“Soldier of God” is the first song on Ken Theriot’s new album, “Outlaws and Bystanders.” The song was written by Lisa Theriot (lyrics) and Ken Theriot (music). So what is the song about? What The Song Is About? Lisa was doing research for a song about El Cid (that song is called “The Ride of […]

Ken Theriot’s New Album – Outlaws and Bystanders – Now Available


Just a quick note to everyone who was waiting for word – “Outlaws and Bystanders,” by Ken Theriot, is now available as both download (full album or individual songs) and/or physical CDs here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kentheriot2. Also, I said we’d update this page when the album was available on iTunes. And as of today (March 25th, 2014) the […]

Soldier of God By Ken Theriot – Live At The Green Dragon Tavern


Ken Theriot performs “Soldier of God” live at The Green Dragon Tavern March 12th, 2014. The song is from his new album, “Outlaws and Bystanders.” Joining Ken for the performance are Lisa Theriot, Michele Buzbee, Kevin Valiquette, and Robert Ferrell. The Green Dragon Tavern is a wonderful live music venue built specially for the medieval-themed […]

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