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Owner and operator of Home Brew Audio. Ken is a musician, voice-actor and by necessity, and audio engineer;).

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Soldier of God – Song From Ken Theriot’s Album – Outlaws And Bystanders

“Soldier of God” is the first song on Ken Theriot’s new album, “Outlaws and Bystanders.” The song was written by Lisa Theriot (lyrics) and Ken Theriot (music). So what is the song about? What The Song Is About? Lisa was doing research for a song about El Cid (that song is called “The Ride of […]

Ken Theriot’s New Album – Outlaws and Bystanders – Now Available


Just a quick note to everyone who was waiting for word – “Outlaws and Bystanders,” by Ken Theriot, is now available as both download (full album or individual songs) and/or physical CDs here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kentheriot2. Also, I said we’d update this page when the album was available on iTunes. And as of today (March 25th, 2014) the […]

Album Release Concert For “Outlaws and Bystanders”


Ken Theriot’s new album – “Outlaws and Bystanders” – was released at the concert held on Wednesday, March 12th at The Green Dragon Tavern during Gulf Wars 2014 (an event of the SCA). Ken and Lisa Theriot were joined by their stalwart band-mates, Kevin Valiquette and Michele Buzbee, as well as Robert Ferrell on percussion. […]

Tell Us What Songs To Perform

Ken Theriot performing at the Green Dragon

We need your advice! Ken will have a new album out – Outlaws and Bystanders – by Gulf Wars 2014. We promise this time! Ken had multiple surgeries last year (nothing life-threatening) that basically put him out-of-commission for an entire year. The album was planned for release before the 2013 Gulf Wars event when it […]

Drink To The Holly Berry – Original Christmas Song By Ken and Lisa Theriot

Wassailing song "Drink To The Holly Berry"

Drink to the Holly Berry is an original Christmas song about that age-old tradition of caroling and begging for booze, basically. Who doesn’t like a good wassailing song at this time of year? The song is from the Christmas album, The Gifts of Midwinter, by Ken and Lisa Theriot. Below are lyrics and notes on […]

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