Cantique de Noel

Minuit ChretiensCantique de Noel is the French (and original) version of the popular Christmas carol, O Holy Night. The music was written in 1847 by Adolphe Adam, to go along with the poem Minuit, Chrétiens (which means Midnight, Chistians) written by Placide Cappeau.

The song is on The Gifts of Midwinter, by Ken and Lisa Theriot. In the liner notes for the album, Lisa says:

The original French is far superior to the English translation of “O Holy Night.” The English version fails to capture the emotional transition of the Midnight (Minuit) Mass from awestruck to joyous. The first chorus asks the people to kneel in homage, but the second tells them to stand up and sing for joy at their salvation.

So the French version – Cantique de Noel – is the version on the album. Take a listen below:

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