Articles by Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont

Bardic Arts

  • Sonnet More Like Shakespeare — Five Things He Does You’re Probably Not Doing
    Shakespeare’s sonnets are normally taught as though they follow a strict set of rules. Shakespeare’s real genius was in knowing when to break those rules.
  • So You Want to Write a Song?
    How to turn an idea into a song, including tips for writing/finding lyrics and tips for writing/finding tunes.
  • Best Foot Forward (Fixed Poetic Meters)
    How to tell an iamb from a trochee, and why you should care.
  • Documenting Original Bardic Pieces
    Advanced class on writing documentation for kingdom and inter-kingdom A&S competitions.
  • How to Bard
    Introduction to the bardic world, including where to go for material and where to find an audience, plus performance tips.
  • Notes on Vocal Projection
    Tips on getting more volume from your instrument, plus care instructions, with a brief discussion on period singing style.  (These notes are meant to accompany the hands-on class.)
  • Period Filk
    Yes, “filk” is period.  How to construct a “new” song the way they did in the 16th century (and before), and why using modern tunes is such a bad idea.
  • Traditional Ballads
    A survey of English and Scottish “popular” ballads, and how to create new ballads in the same style.
  • What is a Mode?
    Advanced class on musical modes, and how to use modes to develop medieval-style melodies.

Other Arts