Lisa Theriot is better known to SCA members as Adelaide de Beaumont. With her rich voice and strong original songwriting, Lisa Theriot, perhaps better known as Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont (in the Society for Creative Anachronism or “SCA”), enriches the great bardic traditions of the past. On her last CD A Turning of Seasons, she not only strengthens old ballads with original music or lyrics, but also incorporates an interesting array of timeless modern songs like Joni Mitchell’s “The Urge For Going”. Her new CD “The Keys of Canterbury” is made up of all original songs that distill Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” into a fabulous collection of unforgettable and addictively catchy songs that still capture the traditional style and feel.  click here to hear samples of her music.

Ken Theriot Pic 3Ken Theriot is a singer/songwriter and has been performing his brand of pop-folk for about 15 years. He has released four CDs with Raven Boy Music, the most recent being the long-awaited new “Human History” in March of 2008. The CD consists mainly of songs that view famous historical (usually medieval or older) events from the point of view of a single character who was there. The result is a series of songs that make make you think, laugh, cry while enjoying the excellent folk-pop music that brings the songs to life. click here to hear samples of his music.

Samantha Moore, known as Lady Ambra Michelli (in the Society for Creative Anachronism or “SCA”), is a singer and songwriter known for her powerful voice and her stirring songs of epic battles and medieval war. Influenced by the likes of Heather Alexander and Leslie Fish, Sam’s music is also informed by the lyrical and melodic forms of English and Scottish traditional ballads. Click here to hear samples of her music.

Thomas Bordeaux is a true SCA Bard (referring to the historical re-enactment organization, the Society for Creative Anachronism). Not only does he write and perform all of his own songs, but many of his songs are about SCA events and culture. Click here to hear samples of his music.

Baldwin of EreborYes, you heard right. After many years of pestering, we finally got Baldwin to Raven Boy Studio long enough to lay down 14 tracks for a CD, entitled “Welcome to the Current Middle Ages”. Tracks include Baldwin originals that have become SCA classics like “The Burden of the Crown”, “Flower of the Desert” and “Welcome to the Current Middle Ages”, as well as comic pieces like “The Herald’s Complaint” and “The Wilted Rose (Song of the Old Used Queen)”. We know you’ll want to own this comprehensive collection from one of the foremost practitioners of the bardic arts in the SCA Click here to hear samples of his music.


Michele BuzbeeOur newest musician is Michele Buzbee, an incredibly talented singer whose bailiwick is Elizabethan period music, though she can and does sing “anything.”  We are just starting to record her music as of January 2010, so there aren’t any CDs just yet.  But we will post her songs as “singles” as soon as we produce them.  Check back often! Click here for her 1st RBM recording, “Sumer Is Icumen In”